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The Social Warehouse

About the brand

Sophisticated, high-end, experiential. The Social Warehouse provides its clients with an immersive creative experience in one space. This space, a highly curated and on-trend, combines content creation with artistic creativity. Clients are empowered to connect with the creative community and develop content that’s elevated and beautiful. As a result, the branding needed to reflect the refined, expressive nature of The Social Warehouse.
Utilizing dark, romantic tones, the color palette inspires curiosity and inspiration. TSW’s modern, custom type logo combines the “S” and “W” in the company name in a way that is seamless yet recognizable, highlighting the brand’s values of creativity, discovery, and community. TSW’s typography is elegant yet strong, using a mixture of display fonts and modern sans serif fonts that pair with the bold serifs used in the main logo.
And finally, the brand’s custom print reinforces the beauty and intrigue of what The Social Warehouse has to offer; the repetition communicates consistency and artistic sensibility.

the services

Brand Elements

In designing the elements of The Social Warehouse’s branding we considered their business mission: connecting content creators, artists, and influencers to an intentional, curated space to create content, have fun, or elevate their business visuals. This meant that they needed to be able to reach their target market wherever they are; from traditional businesses to online entrepreneurs, we wanted clients to experience their branding and be immediately drawn to the idea of engaging with their brand. As a result, branding for The Social Warehouse utilizes, elegant clean lines that make their logo and visual elements versatile across a wide range of marketing materials.

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