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After seeing so many small business owners struggle to keep up with their social media and digital marketing presence, on top of running their businesses, Alyssa Gay Consulting was created to give an online voice to companies who wouldn’t otherwise have the time to do so.

About Alyssa Gay

Alyssa Gay

Founder, Chief Content Strategist

I have a deep understanding and knowledge of the inner workings of small businesses. Much of my professional life was spent working in small businesses, including film studios, media companies, and non-profit organizations, where I successfully implemented social media and digital marketing strategies.

I am a graduate of the University of Florida (Go Gators!), where I studied communications. I understand how important it is for businesses and organizations to stay relevant in the digital marketplace. I love the storytelling, creativity, and relationship building of marketing. I partner this with powerful analytics and reporting, so that you can see the results of your social media and digital marketing efforts. I’m passionate about guiding businesses, updating brands, and giving business owners the freedom to focus on what they do best, instead of focusing on their social media and digital marketing.

Shannon Savaglio

Shannon Savaglio

Customer Care & Project Manager

Shannon is a business assistant, project manager and educator who works alongside female entrepreneurs.

She works hard to help the business owners create a business where they can focus on their zone of genius by helping them simplify, automate and clarify their goals.

Shannon is passionate that you can do anything you put your mind to, but in order to bring joy back into business you need to remember you cannot do everything.

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Ashley Erickson, Chief Content Manager

Ashley Erickson

Chief Content Manager

Ashley is originally from Chicago but has lived in Sarasota for almost 10 years. After graduating from The University of Tampa, she started blogging and managing social media accounts. Now as an account manager she creates social media campaigns and content for our clients. She loves being able to work remotely so she can easily travel. She is also a big Disney World fan and avid Harry Potter fan! When she’s not working, she likes to go to the beach, go for walks, and check out local coffee shops and bars in the area.

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